FEG Token
Giving to those who have little.

New FEGfaucet - under construction

The exact mechanisms of the new FEGfaucet are currently unknown as it's still being developed. More info will be posted once the contract's done and tested, after the migration to the new token.

Current FEGfaucet system

FEGfaucet consists of an initial 22T FEG deposited into a permanently locked system. The faucet collects frictionless rewards in FEG Token and allows anyone to claim those rewards as they accumulate.
Every time someone claims rewards the claimable amount resets to zero (0). This implies that rewards are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Furthermore, they can only be claimed once every 24 hours per wallet.
This faucet will generate rewards and help expand our user base exponentially!
All tokens that list on FEGex will have the option to create a faucet for their token. The liquidity for the faucet is separate from the liquidity to list on FEGex.