FEG Token
A system of rewards that feeds all.
An fWrapped token is equipped with a 1% reflection tax that is applied and distributed between all its holders any time the token is wrapped, unwrapped or transferred. This technology forms the foundation of the FEG Token ecosystem and gives way to a multitude of benefits across the decentralized exchange.
For investors, fWrapped tokens yield high APY returns as they leverage the trading volume on FEGex to generate rewards. This is because any token that lists on FEGex is paired with an fWrapped base token. Consequently, each time a token is bought or sold on FEGex the fWrapped base token is either wrapped or unwrapped, respectively, feeding rewards to all its holders.
Furthermore, as the liquidity pair itself is made up of the fWrapped based token, it too receives reflection rewards each time the token is bought or sold. This naturally grows the liquidity pool and applies continuous upward price pressure on the listed token.
  • fWrap rewards auto-compound as they are paid out in the currency of the fWrapped token itself.
  • fBNB, fUSDT and fETH currently enjoy APYs of 30%, 18% and 10%, respectively, and are bound to increase as trading volume on the exchange grows.
DISCLAIMER There is NO fixed APY !! The APY of the fwraps presented in this example, and any other fwrapped token/coin, is absolutely completely dependent on trading volume on the exchange and on the SmartDeFi system, so if the volume is high, the apy is high(er) too, however if the volume is low the apy is low as well, so keep that in mind.

Example: fWrapped BNB

We take fWrapped BNB (fBNB) as an example. Similar to any fWrapped token, fBNB generates rewards predominantly when one of the following four scenarios occurs:
  • An investor fwraps their BNB to earn a passive income from their (f)BNB position.
  • An investor unwraps their fBNB, receiving back the original BNB.
  • An investor buys a token X on FEGex that is base-paired with fBNB: BNB -> fBNB -> X.
  • An investor sells a token X on FEGex that is base-paired with fBNB: X -> fBNB -> BNB.
In each of these cases, a 1% tax is distributed between all holders of fBNB based on the percentage of ownership in the total amount of fWrapped BNB.
  • Although buying incurs a 1% fWrap tax that is awarded to all holders of the respective fWrap, (...) ensures that the investor's buying power remains at a full 100%.
  • SmartDeFi tokens on BSC are base-paired with fBNB, further boosting rewards.

fWrapping Your Crypto

Any BEP-20 or ERC-20 token that is not a fork of RFI can be fWrapped to earn a steady flow of passive income.