FEG Token

FEG Tokenomics

Document last updated: April 1st 2023

Token Supply

FEG Token has a Maximum supply of 100 Billion The circulating Supply is 50 Billion

Tokenomics have been adjusted for LP recovery and will be changed to the original tokenomics of 4.5% buy & 5.5% sell tax once LP is recovered.

Fee Type
BUY 3%
SELL 7.5%
Asset Backing
Marketing & Development
Liquidity injection
Wallet transfer tax


The new upgraded FEG token features improved tokenomics in line with the project's current needs to elevate our project to the next level pending the next crypto bull market.
Tokenomics for each trade are as follows: - 0% of total volume (buys & sells) goes to the staking pool as rewards for people staking their token, thus pushing ahead with the project's mantra, passive income. STAKING CONTRACT IS NOT ONLINE YET, so the tax is zero. - 0.5% of buys & 1% of sales goes to asset-backing, an ever-increasing liquidity pool that allows the token holder to burn the token for the baseline value or take an interest-free loan against it. The baseline value NEVER goes down and provides a minimum token value regardless of the market price. - 0.5% of buys & 1% of sales are diverted to the marketing and development budget and used to spread the word about the project, fund development, and ecosystem maintenance (servers, web3 infrastructure, etc.). - 2% of buys & 5.5% of sales increase the tokens' liquidity pool, thus making the price impact more stable during heavy buys & sells. - There is no tax for transfers between wallets; users can move tokens between wallets without a tax.