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FEG Update

All you need to know about the FEG ecosystem upgrade.

Document last updated: July 26th, 2022.

AMA FEG Update Proposal May 26.ogg
AMA Recording from May 26, 2022


FEG Token & ROX Token

What is the future of FEG Token?
Where can FEG Token be traded (bought/sold)?
Should I sell my FEGtoken prior to the migration?
What about ROX token?
Read FAQ about migration here:


Can I still trade/burn/loan SD tokens?
What will happen with currently frozen/halted SD projects?
Will SmartLend be activated again?
I have made a loan and the date to payback/extend the loan is approaching, can I payback/extend?
What is the plan to replenish losses of liquidity due to the exploit?


Is trading still active on FEGex?
Will trading be activated again?
What will happen to funds if they got recovered?
What is being done to recover the stolen funds from the exploiter?


Is staking still active on FEGex?
Do we still receive rewards from staking?
Are my staked tokens safe?
Do I need to unstake before the migration to the updated version?


Is fWraps still active on FEGex?
Do fWraps still receive rewards?


Is Liquidity still active on FEGex?
Will Liquidity be activated again on FEGex?
I have tokens in the Liquidity pool, can I get them out?

FEGdeployer & Presales

Are the FEGdeployer & Presale still active?

FEGstats & FEGtrack

FEGstats: Currently unavailable 🎉 FEGtrack 2.3.0 Update is Now Available in the App Store! 🎉 Click Here: Google Play Store Apple App Store

From The Wallet (FTW)

What is FTW?
What are the advantages of FTW?