FEG Token
Smart Rising Price Floor
Growing liquidity on every sell.
Liquidity is an integral part of any token as it offers price support and stability, both in uptrends and downtrends. Consequently, a token that has insufficient liquidity suffers from excessive price fluctuations each time a (large) buy or sell is transacted (the correlation between an order and its effect on price is known as price impact).
Our Smart Rising Price Floor feature steadily grows the available liquidity of a token by ensuring that a percentage of each sell remains in the liquidity.
This feature is available to all new tokens that list on FEgex and is easily configurable through the FEGdeployer.
Many competitor tokens already have something similar in place; however, their system is set up such that they automatically buy with 2.00% of each sell. This process takes up to five (5) steps to complete on their infrastructure. With FEGex, the process requires zero (0) steps - since it is built-in.
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