FEG Token
Swing-trade with reduced gas fees and no taxes.
For those who master the skill, swing-trading can be a profitable endeavour. However, tokens that carry with them a tax each time they are bought or sold, can make profitable swing-trades hard to come by.
This is where SmartSwap comes in. Here, are some of the most important points to be aware of:
  • Swing trade your tokens inside SmartSwap without incurring any token-related taxes.
  • In addition to potential GASrebates, gas fees inside SmartSwap are reduced by up to 40%!
  • RFI tokens incur their designated tax only upon entering and exiting SmartSwap, e.g., FEG incurs a 2% and fWrapped tokens incur a 1% tax.
  • Frictionless reward tokens do not receive rewards while inside SmartSwap!
  • All buys and sells inside SmartSwap will incur the same exchange fees as standard buys and sells on the exchange, i.e. staking fee, liquidity fee etc.
  • SmartSwap is available for all tokens launched on FEGex and SmartDeFi.
Any taxes inherent to the token are only incurred upon entering and exiting SmartSwap. Once inside, a trader can swing-trade with reduced gas fees and without incurring any taxes.
If you hold 0.001 ROX token and you withdraw out of SmartSwap (your SmartFunds) you will receive the total amount you are withdrawing (e.g., withdraw 500 from SmartFunds you get 500 tokens)
SmartSwap transactions should be somewhat faster than a normal transaction because there is no actual transfer of funds from contract to wallet, like a real transaction, instead it is just adjusting your balance inside the contract.

Swap-To-Swap (S2S)

The Swap-To-Swap function allows a trader to move between trading pairs that share the same base token, e.g., from FEG/fBNB to TRY/fBNB.
More details about this functionality can be found in the next section.

Peer-To-Peer (P2P)

The Peer-To-Peer function inside SmartSwap allows token transfers from one wallet to another to be performed with increased privacy.