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The info on this page is deprecated; updates will follow
Grafene, a blockchain-based hot wallet, is an impenetrable fortress safeguarding your crypto assets. Fortified with on-chain two-factor authentication (2FA), Grafene employs cutting-edge blockchain security protocols to safeguard your funds, even if your seed phrase falls into the wrong hands. Rest easy knowing your investments are under the watchful eye of Grafene's unwavering security.

Triple-Layered Security: A Bastion of Protection

Grafene's unique design deviates from traditional wallets, employing three separate contracts, each requiring its unique mnemonic phrase. This triple-layered approach, on-chain 2FA, establishes an impenetrable barrier against unauthorized access. Even malicious actors who acquire your private key remain powerless to plunder your assets.

No Hardware Dependency: Security without Additional Costs

While hardware wallets provide offline storage for private keys, they often come with hefty price tags and potential vulnerabilities. Grafene transcends these limitations, offering superior security without costly hardware.

Robustness Proven: A $100,000 Challenge

At the 2022 Dubai Crypto Expo, Grafene publicly unveiled its on-chain 2FA prowess. To demonstrate the resilience of this technology, a $100,000 challenge was issued, with one of the wallet's seed phrases being publicly shared. Despite numerous attempts, no one has accessed the funds, solidifying Grafene's impregnable security.

FEG Ecosystem Integration: Governance and Smart Contract Activation

Grafene is poised to become an integral component of the FEG ecosystem, utilizing FEG as its governance mechanism to activate each wallet's smart contract. This harmonious integration amplifies Grafene's impact and unlocks a wealth of opportunities.

Pricing: An Affordable Path to Enhanced Security

Pricing for Grafene has yet to be finalized, but a proposed one-time fee of $50 to create the wallet is being considered. This fee would be reinvested into the ecosystem, ensuring Grafene's continued development and growth. Embrace the future of blockchain security with Grafene, the revolutionary wallet that redefines the standards for safeguarding your digital assets. Experience unparalleled protection and peace of mind, knowing your investments are in the most secure hands possible.