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Secure your crypto assets with state-of-the-art in blockchain security through on-chain two-factor authentication.

Document last updated: Dec. 13th, 2022.


Grafene is a 2FA crypto wallet on the blockchain. Secure your crypto assets with the state-of-the-art in blockchain security through on-chain two-factor authentication. Read the official website: https://grafene.com/​

How does it work ?

Triple layered security Unlike ordinary crypto wallets, which comprise a single contract to secure assets on the blockchain, Grafene is made up of three distinct contracts, each requiring its own mnemonic phrase. Combined, they give rise to on-chain two-factor authentication to provide unparalleled security on the blockchain. 2FA on the blockchain Grafene presents the very first time two-factor authentication (2FA) has been implemented directly on the blockchain, enabling unprecedented security guarantees. In particular, on-chain 2FA technology implies that even if an attacker were to get a hold of your private key, they would be unable to steal your funds. No hardware required Broadly speaking, hardware wallets guarantee security by storing private keys in an offline environment. Despite this, they are still susceptible to compromised private keys. In contrast, Grafene requires no expensive hardware while simultaneously providing superior security.

Is Grafene secure ?

A very public announcement of Grafene was made during the 2022 Dubai Crypto Expo event where, to prove the infallibility of our on-chain 2FA technology, we set a challenge worth $100,000 and presented it on one of the biggest stages in crypto and even gave out publicly one of the seed phrases for the wallet. As of yet, many months later, no one managed to get the prize from inside the wallet, and many have tried.

Is Grafene audited ?

Not as of yet, because the contracts are still being updated and tested. When all is done and finished, at least one professional security company will be hired to perform a complete and comprehensive security audit.

Is it part of the ecosystem ?

GRAFENE will become a part of our ecosystem and will use FEG (the new token) as the governance for it to activate the smart contract each wallet runs on.

How much does Grafene cost ?

Nothing's been decided as of yet, however a fixed one time fee of 50$ has been proposed for the creation of the wallet, said money going back into the ecosystem.