FEG Token

Migrating FEG in SS & LP

Page last updated: April 1st 2023
Several people still have their old FEG stored in SmartSwap or Liquidity Pools on FEGex.
Because of the insecure nature of those contracts, they could not be added to the regular Migrator app that everyone else used in March to migrate their old FEG.
As such, our Devs are working on implementing a safe procedure; in a sense, it cannot be exploited, and also that it's somewhat user-friendly, so the people with FEG in SS and LP can finally migrate to the new contract as well.
We cannot write, at this time, specific details about the procedure or tool that the people will be using for the migration because it is still being worked on, so nothing's finalized yet. Once something's set in stone and ready to be used, we will announce it on our social media, and also we'll put here a guide on the steps you can take to migrate.
One detail can be said even now, though, and that is the fact that the migration for SS and LP users will not be instant. What does that mean? Well, the user will use the migrator tool, and then, once per week, only after manual* checks by the FEG Team of every migration request, the new FEG tokens will be released to the user in exchange for his SS/LP tokens.
More info will follow soon.