FEG Token

FEG Migration Information

Document last updated: Dec. 13th, 2022.

Welcome to the future of FEG project

The future of FEG token and FEG project is bright and work is progressing at an accelerated pace to create a brand new contract for a Hybrid token of FEG & ROX that's based on the new improved SmartDeFi system. This will not only bring new life into the project, but also new tokenomics (e.g., marketing funds) and new mechanics (e.g., Asset-Backing & SmartLending).

How to get FEG v2

Upon migration, you will be able to convert your current FEG token position to the new Hybrid-upgraded token via a migration tool currently under development by the DEV team.
You will NOT lose the 2% when transferring into the migration tool for FEG tokens.
ROX holders will get their share of the new Hybrid-token (details TBA).
You can find FAQ about migration here:

Where to trade FEG v2

The new token is not out yet. When the new token is launched it will be available on a number places where the current FEGtoken is traded. In addition, we will use the new marketing budget (from transaction taxes) to launch on larger CEX's when the funds to do so accumulate.