FEG Token
FEG Token stakers earn a share of 0.12%-0.15% of all sell volume on FEGex, as described below.

"Post-Migration" Staking - under construction / NOT LIVE

The new version of SmartDeFi will have staking, either an internal or external contract has yet to be decided. As development is ongoing, we will keep the community as up to date as possible as progress is made. This new version of staking system will bring a number of improvements for stability and security and it will also implement reworked sources of revenue for those who have staked.
Tokenomics known to date: - each FEG trade will supply 2% to the staking rewards pool
Good news for migrating! With the FSS tokens you received when staking your FEG in the V2 staking system, you will be able to migrate to the new version of FEG without having to unstake and thus with no 2% loss, which is perfect.

Below you will find information about older versions of the staking system, used prior to the migration of the project to V2


Staking version #2 - (FEG/BNB v2) - deprecated

At the moment there is no point in staking, please hold your tokens in your wallet until the migration is done and the new staking system is in place. Due to the major overhaul of the entire ecosystem, the current staking system no longer receives rewards from trading on FEGex or on SmartDeFi, as both those systems are currently disabled, you only receive FEG reflections from FEG trading and fWrap rewards from people (un)wrapping their tokens.
While the upgrade to FEGex is happening, keep in mind that if you're currently staked in V2 you will not see your accumulated rewards in the UI, nor will you be able to withdraw said rewards to your wallet. You will be able to retrieve your rewards at the time of the migration Your FEG reflections are still accumulating just fine and you can withdraw those along with toyr staked FEG.

Staking version #1 - (FEG/BNB v1) - deprecated

It is unknown at this time if you can migrate your FEG tokens directly from inside this 1st version of the staking system, without needing to unstake, as you can with version #2. We will know more about this subject later on, as work progresses on the new staking version, and we will update this FAQ as necessary.