FEG Token
FEG Token stakers earn a share of 0.12%-0.15% of all sell volume on FEGex, as described below.

"Post-Migration" Staking - under construction / NOT LIVE

The new version of SmartDeFi will have staking, either an internal or external contract has yet to be decided. As development is ongoing, we will keep the community as up to date as possible as progress is made. This new version of staking system will bring a number of improvements for stability and security and it will also implement reworked sources of revenue for those who have staked.
Tokenomics known to date: -Every buy & sell transaction will supply staking rewards with 2%
Good news for migrating: The Migrator will recognize V1 and V2 staked tokens (no need to unstake to migrate), FEG SmartSwap holdings, and of course FEGtokens held within your wallet!

Claiming FEG V1 & V2 Staking Rewards

While the upgrade to the ecosystem is under development users will not see the accumulated rewards in the UI. If you had previous rewards on the BSC side in fBNB or fUSDt, claiming these rewards will be done with a Tracking Token Swap Tool that is currently under development. FEG reflections inside of Staking are still accumulating and will be withdrawn at the time of token removal from staking as a whole.