FEG Token

Liquidity Loan Secured

On March 13th, we secured a loan for 200 ETH converted into BNB to replenish the FEGbsc liquidity pool for the new token contract after migration.

Loan Repayment

  • This loan will be paid back as 200 ETH (The form it was given in).
  • A flat fee of 50k USD will be paid to the LP provider.
  • Repayment will be made through the LP Injection Tax over six months until paid in full (200 ETH + 50k).
  • The six-month repayment time frame begins the day of trading (March 21st).

Tokenomics have been adjusted.

Tokenomics were adjusted to increase the Liquidity Injection taxes, to 3% on Buy Transactions and 7.5% on Sell Transaction, for faster recovery of the funds needed to repay the loan. The tax rates will be revisited and modified after the loan is repaid.
We will repay the loan using FEGbsc & FEGeth LP Injection taxes (based on volume) on Buy & Sell Transactions.

How to calculate the gathered funds for repayment

We made it so that the user can look at the blockchain and see the stored funds; as such, the funds gathered by the taxes for repayment of the loan are held directly inside the token contract. The funds are stored inside the FEG contract as LP tokens. BSC LP Contract Address: https://bscscan.com/address/0xF53a1d602281B1ce2A92A1763364d2981269a72C ETH LP Contract Address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x60EF1e0Bf9218Cdc1769a43c4B0B111ed38BB418 To calculate how much BNB/ETH is gathered inside those LP tokens: 1. Hit the token drop-down button to view the total BNB or ETH amount in the LP contract 2. Click on Pancake LP (BSC) or Uniswap V2 (ETH) under "Token Tracker." 3. Click on the "Holders" tab 4. Locate the FEG contract address (0xbededDf2eF49E87037c4fb2cA34d1FF3D3992A11) which should be the #2 wallet holder 5. Scroll to the right and note the percentage the #2 wallet (FEG contract) holds 6. Multiply that percentage by the total BNB or ETH in the LP contract to find how much has been generated in Loan repayment.

How much is left to be repaid right now

Amount remaining to be refunded: 180 ETH + 50k Fee

Repayments done so far

Though we have currently collected more than was sent so far, the team will be paying back the loan in increments in order to mitigate price impact.
First repayment of 20 ETH done on May-08-2023. Details as follow:
12 wETH (ERC-20)
8 wETH (BEP-20)
📃Liquidity Removal Transactions:
Removal from FEG contract:
Removal from Uniswap:
Removal from FEG contract:
Removal from PancakeSwap: