FEG Token

Recouping funds

Efforts are ongoing to recover the stolen LP or refill the pools using various means

Recovery of stolen funds ?

At the point of exploit, we worked with 3 security agencies in order to track the missing funds, one of which being our long-time security partner ATEITIS. We have been backtracking and collecting wallets connected to those of the exploiter`s wallets and attempting to track those connected to Tornado Cash. We have offered a bounty of 20% to the exploiter or anyone that brings the exploiter to justice if they return/recover 80% of the stolen funds. If we can not recover the funds from the exploiter we will be pushing forward a liquidity generation event in an attempt to do so with our "FTW" or From The Wallet subscription fee for p2p trading of cryptocurrencies and NFT's.

Unlocking SD Funds

The DEV team continues to work on the recovery of SD tokens, the trading of said contracts are currently still locked to prevent exploits.
The contract to replicate the exploit given to us by PeckShield was unsuccessful, though we appreciate their efforts very much at the beginning of this situation and their attempt at it.
Our team is working tirelessly to replicate the exploit in order to recover the remaining funds for the investors of the SD projects.
We have received questions about the actions post-recovery (if possible), we will deal with these on an individual basis as some may wish to re-launch on the newly audited SD 2.0 Contract, give the LP directly back to holders, or inject LP into another contract that's already launched.
We will further explore these options if/when the LP is recovered.