FEG Token

CEX Funds/Fundraising

We are delighted to share that we have successfully procured agreements with two esteemed centralized exchanges (CEXs) and are on the verge of finalizing these contracts. To address the associated listing fees and the necessary market maker funds for both listings, we aim to raise 70,000 USDT.

CEX Listing Community Fund

We've noted inquiries regarding creating a specific wallet for donations to support these CEX listings. Responding to this, we've set up the following address for those interested in financially contributing to the CEX fund: 0x90E752755335F7381d2C67DA77E53EE84EDEfe7E. Donations can be made in ETH, BNB, or Stablecoins.

Token Sales OTC for CEX Funding

CEX Fund Wallet: 0xccd71d49d2d82c819565549c9f04393c3a57e2e2
We value your support as we keep broadening our project's scope and accessibility.
Best regards, The FEG Team 💪🦍❤