FEG Token

Security Audits

SmartDeFi Deployer Audit (PeckShield)

The audit pertains to the SmartDeFi Token Launchpad, from which the FEG Token was initially deployed.
All upcoming SmartDeFi Tokens will also be launched from this platform.
The audit encompasses both the existing FEG Token and any future SmartDeFi Tokens.

Migration Tool Audit (PeckShield)

The audit examines the migration tool that facilitates the transition from the original FEG Token to the newly enhanced FEG Token deployed via SmartDeFi.

FEG & SmartDeFi Staking Protocol Audit (PeckShield)

The audit focuses on the SmartDeFi Staking Protocol, encompassing both the FEG Token and any SmartDeFi projects that make use of this fully vetted staking framework designed for SmartDeFi.