FEG Token

SmartDeFi Presale

Document last updated: Dec. 14th, 2022.

Linking Socials to Presale

Presale users may link their presales to their socials (TG, Discord, Reddit, Twitter) on blockchain

Presale Fee for FEG Ecosystem

Fee generated from Presale (0.5%, lower than industry standard)
The fee may go to one of three places at a time:
  • Refunding Projects LP
  • Staking
  • Buy & Burn FEG
Transparent way on the UI to see how much BNB FEG has collected from the Presale Fees

Different ways for the Presales to be viewed:

  • Users may see:
    • which Presale will be the next to open on the blockchain directly
    • which has closed most recently
    • which one has been opened for the least amount of time

Restarting a Presale

  • Everyone in the last presale will directly be able to claim their tokens back
  • Project creator(s) will have to re-deploy on a different contract to launch the new token
  • If the Project creator has been downvoted 50 points more than their positive votes much they will not be able to launch another token

Presale Parameters:

  • Maximum amount of participants
  • Maximum or Minimum amount of buy(s) per wallet
  • DEV share for paired token or for the token itself
  • Soft Cap and/or Hard Cap
  • Maximum time the presale will run
  • Start time of presale (future launch)
  • Minimum time lapsed time for token launch (until that time no one can launch the project)
  • Presale users can have a delayed claim, claim can be done after a certain amount of time (no initial claim)
  • If you enable Vesting you can do a percentage based delayed claim
  • Vesting is customizable (Equal or more than the previous claim amount per time period)
  • Presale owner (one who deploys the project is the owner of the presale)
  • If you have a surplus of tokens, you can burn them or decide if they go to a specific wallet
  • Choose between the 3:
    • Presale with Whitelist Only
    • Presale with either the person claiming the token or via Airdrop.
    • Launch on a 2nd DEX

Presale Safety Parameters:

  • Presale can be modified by the creator as long as the start time has not been set
  • Start of the presale is not in the past (avoids error)
  • Contract checks that the maximum of buys should not be smaller than the minimum buys
  • Hard Cap needs to be 10% higher than the Soft Cap
  • Token amount of presale should not be greater than 50% to owner
  • Owner can not own more than 50% of the supply
  • Maximum amount for the delayed claim is 5 days
  • Ensuring that the price of the launch is higher than the Presale Price
    • This is a large mistake seen by first time project creators that can destroy a project
  • Surplus of tokens that has not been allocated for the presale can go to burn or the owner
  • Contract ensures that the Vesting period should be higher than the start, and start should be higher than the current time
  • Contract ensures there are enough tokens provided for the presale so the hardcap may be filled
  • Minimum launch time is at least higher or equal to the maximum time of the presale
  • Launch time minimum is there so that people can launch if the Soft cap is met (presale owner is not subject to this)
  • Maximum time of a presale is 7 days
  • Presale percentage can be up to 2 decimals (e.g., 10.12%)
  • Set or remove users from Whitelist
    • Presale owner can remove whitelist spots if the presale is still active & IF THE PERSON HAS NOT JOINED/BOUGHT
  • Emergency cancel can only be done by the Presale Deployer (FEG team) or the Presale Owner (Presale must be active)
  • Two ways to launch a Presale
    • Users must Mint their token through the presale process in order to run a presale (this prevents token amount manipulation)
    • Presale Deployer is the owner of the presale so if transfers have to be made it is tax exempt
      Two ways to launch a Presale
  • Preventing presale launch if already launched or aborted
  • Initial locking is 13 days for LP (locked inside of the token contract to prevent rugs)
  • DEV tokens are vested (They can claim one percent of DEV share everyday for 3 months, if unclaimed for several days it accumulates and you are able to access the 1% per day)
  • BNB DEV share can be claimed all at once at launch
  • Users can invest multiple times within the presale as long as they have not reached the maximum allowed per trader
  • Maximum participants reached, no one else can join
  • Cancel a presale if it has not been aborted, and if it has not launched but still running
    • Soft Cap must not be met and the Maximum time of the presale has not passed
  • User may cancel their presale position at any time as long as the token has not launched, if a user cancels their position after the presale has stopped running (waiting period between launch and end of presale) tokens will be burnt but BNB is sent back.
  • Anyone can close the joining of the presale if the maximum time has passed & the presale owner may cancel at any time as long as the Soft Cap has been reached
  • If the automatic airdrop is stuck then there is a manual airdrop that can be performed by anyone (presale can't be aborted, airdrop has to be activated, and presale must be over)
  • If airdrop is activated, the claim button does not work, it must be sent via airdrop (either automatically or manually by any user)

Decentralized Presale Voting

Decentralized way of voting for presales for reputation if you have X amount of FEG (if this is abused we will turn it off)