FEG Token
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Document last updated: April 10th, 2023

A set percentage of every buy & sell is placed into a separate liquidity pool inside the smart contract, backing each Token with the designated asset!

For example, FEG is backed by wETH & wBNB pools that are constantly rising, increasing the minimum value of each Token!

Every Token launched from the SmartDeFi ™ launchpad can integrate Asset-Backing behind their Token, resulting in a perpetual increase of the SmartDeFi token's baseline value - even when tokens are sold, thus forming a guaranteed minimum value per Token that cannot decrease.
The Asset-Backed value can be recovered instantly by burning SmartDeFi ™ tokens for their share of the Asset-Backing Pool. When SmartDeFi RFI-based tokens burn for their backed asset, it creates a "black hole" that burns more and more tokens automatically and effortlessly over time. Burned tokens forward their backing from now on to the remaining tokens, increasing the backing per Token faster. This guarantees that every SmartDeFi token will always have value, regardless of the market price!
SmartDeFi also helps eliminate pump-and-dump schemes as a transparent baseline value means buyers know the risk ratios before trading.
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