FEG Token


Document last updated: March 21st, 2023.

Staking Functions for all SmartDeFi projects (Development in progress)

✅Only the SmartDeFi token creator can create the Staking Contract.
✅Once creating the Staking Contract, it automatically updates the token contract to acknowledge it!
✅We have integrated the option to incorporate a secondary reward token when deploying or later! -Note: If the team wishes to change the secondary token given during staking, they must launch a new staking contract.
✅Staking contracts are whitelisted on the Deployer to avoid transfer taxes, BUT reflections are applied if the token is RFI because it can not be bypassed!
✅The Staking Contract will acknowledge an investor's initial Staking amount and track the number of rewards accrued on top, allowing the claim of all or just the accrued rewards.
✅When users Stake, they will, in return, receive SDSS (SmartDeFi Staking Share) tokens (ratio TBD) similar to the current FSS from the previous FEG staking.