FEG Token
SmartDeFi v2
The world's first ALL-IN-ONE SmartDeFi ecosystem

Introducing the first-ever token with its trading system and liquidity all within a single ecosystem!

Some of the features this revolutionary technology will offer:

  • SD v2 comes with a new template that is CEX & DEX friendly
  • Minting
  • Presales
  • Staking system available for every project
  • Multiple custom tax options (e.g., Marketing, Staking, Development, etc.)
  • The Smart Rising Price Floor feature grows the contract-owned liquidity frictionlessly.
  • All SmartDeFi tokens are 100% asset-backed by their base asset.
  • ​SmartLending provides interest-free loans.
Please note that during the creation of a new SmartDeFi token the devs of said project can pick and choose various features and tokenomics, so some of the features listed above may not be present in every token, due to the choices of their devs.
For more information we kindly refer the reader to https://smartdefi.com/.
Finally, this technology is made available through the FEGdeployer - free of charge. This allows any project manager to configure and launch their own SmartDeFi token with the additional option of running a presale.