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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does it cost to launch a SD v2 token?

Minting an SD token on BSC network is roughly ??? BNB but it is recommended that you have at least ??? BNB to cover approvals, creation, deployment and presales. For ETH the situation is a bit different and costs could be much higher due to the crazy ETH fees, you could be looking at a cost of say ??? ETH, or maybe even more for everything. It is recommended that you keep an eye out for when the GWEI is at its lowest and pick the right time to deploy your token. Creating a Presale can cost the same as minting tokens. If a SD creator has liquidity for their project, creating a presale may not be needed, saving the cost of creating a presale.

Can SD v2 be listed on Centralized Exchanges?

Yes. Yes because centralized exchanges can buy tokens and list them for trading however the tokenomics of your SD project will likely not work inside a CEX. We recommend using the widget made by the FEGex team to list your token on your own website.
FEGex, FEGtoken, and the FEG volunteer team are not responsible for any issues or problems associated with trying to list SD tokens on Centralized exchanges

Can I list my SD v2 token on Pancakeswap or Uniswap?

Yes. You will be able to launch your new SD v2 token on Pancakeswap, Uniswap and other clones based on them.

Will my SD token appear on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko?


Can I use symbols while creating my SD token?

No, the contracts in SmartDeFi are not built to hold symbols, please use letters or numbers only.

Can BUY taxes be different from SELL taxes?

Unknown at this time if the new SD v2 will allow this particular feature. We'll update when info is available.

What to use for liquidity pairing?

Unknown at this time if liquidity pools can be paired with anything other than BNB and ETH

How much liquidity must be locked?

There is NO minimum liquidity requirement to list on FEGex, it is important to note that the more liquidity you place, the more stable the price of your SmartDeFi token. Please note that you can use the Presale function to increase your initial liquidity.

How long is liquidity locked?

SmartDeFi v2 tokens will allow much more freedom of choice when creating your token project. Devs will be allowed to choose various locking times, or none at all, for their liquidity. More info will follow.

Can I add liquidity or add to asset backing after launch?

Yes. More precise info, on the steps required, will follow soon.

Where can I access SmartDeFi Deployer?

You can access FEGdeployer to launch your token on SmartDeFi on https://deployer.fegex.com/​