FEG Token
Interest-free loans made simple.
Through SmartLending, any SmartDeFi token can be used as collateral to take out loans against its baseline value - without having to sell or burn the SmartDeFi token.
Upon taking the loan, the borrower instantly receives the baseline value for the tokens that were collateralized. The borrower then has 30 days to repay the loan without interest. If, however, this lending period is too short and the loan cannot be repaid in time, they may choose to extend the lending period by another 30 days by burning 0.1% of their collateral. Without repayment or extension, the loan defaults and the collateral is burnt.
  • Because the collateralized tokens are held inside the smart contract and considered part of the circulating supply, they continue to accrue the asset-backing as they would in the investors wallet. This enables SmartLending to be interest-free.
  • There are no profits in SmartLend. The APY is burned and the repaid baseline value is returned to the backing-pool of the respective SmartDeFi token.

What Does This Mean?

SmartLending means that you can now have access to your SmartDeFi token's baseline value without having to sell it. This is perfect for life emergencies or helping take advantage of buying into the launch of a new token, without having to sell your assets. This means that you have freedom and can also treat your baseline value as a banked asset.

How Safe Is It?

SmartLend requires no oracles as the price comes directly from the baseline value pulled from the smart-contract. Furthermore, as SmartLend requires no third party there is no room for external manipulation or exploits of the code.
SmartLend is the first lending protocol where the funds and data for ratio calculations are hosted inside the same place, making it the most secure lending protocol ever created.

Is there a tax for loaning my SD token ?

If a SD Token has a reflection tax, loaning it WILL cause that reflection tax to be deducted, even if you hold 0.001 ROX. However, if you hold 0.001 ROX and you are repaying a loan, since now you are a receiver of that SD token, the reflection tax is waived. Holding 0.001 ROX does NOT waive the asset backing tax nor the smart rising price floor tax of an SD Token.
WARNING If you have the bright idea to send some ROX to the contract address of an SD token, in order to try and cause that SD token address to waive any reflection taxes for taking loans, know that it WILL NOT WORK. You will only lose your ROX in the process.

Why is my token gone from my wallet ?

Well of course it's gone, that's how it works. The system takes your token and gives you in return BNB/ETH for it. Now you have time until the expiration timer runs out in order to repay the loan and the system will return your SD tokens back to your wallet. If you don't return the BNB/ETH in time, your SD tokens are gone ... forever, because they will be burned.

Do tokens inside SmartLend receive reflections ?

No, they do not. So if you use this system to take a loan and use your SD tokens as collateral, those SD will not receive reflections while they're outside your wallet and inside the SmartLend contract. They will start gathering reflections again only after you repay the loan and get the SD tokens back in your wallet.


How to Take a loan with SmartLend

Step 1. Choose a token that you want to use for collateral

You can access SmartTools tab on https://fegex.com/​

Step 2. Choose How much you want to provide for collateral and see how much you are going to get in "Loan Output"

That's where you are told how much BNB/ETH you will receive in exchange for your collateral.

Step 3. Click "Loan" button and confirm transaction in your wallet.

You will receive your loan immediately in BNB or ETH to your wallet
You can access SmartLending on https://fegex.com/ under the Tab SmartTools (see SmartTools section for more details).
Note: you can no longer take another loan on this particular token until you pay back your current loan.

Extending and Repaying Your Loan

Options under SmartLend Menu

After you take a loan you will see two new menus appear under the SmartLend menu called "Extend" and "Repay".

Option 1. Extend your loan if you cannot repay it

Once you click on the "Extend" menu you will be presented with some info and the possibility to extend your loan for 30 days for a small fee, if you somehow find yourself in a situation where you cannot repay said loan in the aloted time. Here you will be first told the exact date and time when your loan expires. Second you will be reminded how many tokens you gave as collateral. Third you're clearly told what would be the fee, if you decided to extend your loan for another 30 days. Now if you decide that everything looks ok and you'd like to go ahead with the 30 days extension, simply click the "extend loan" button and confirm the transaction in the window that will appear from your wallet. The fee will be deducted from your collateral, so in the given example you'd be left with 8991 tokens.

Option 2. Repay the Loan

In the "Repay" menu you will be presented again with some info regarding your loan, such as the exact loan expiration date, so you'll know how long you still have on your loan and you'll also be told/reminded the amount of BNB/ETH you have to pay in order for the loan to be considered repaid in full. Your repay amount will always be the same as the amount that you received when you took the loan. Once you make sure you have the amount needed, simply click the "repay loan" button and confirm the wallet dialog for the transaction to go through. Now if you'd like you can go ahead and take another loan :)