FEG Token

Migration Info & Tutorials

📃FEGeth & FEGbsc Contract Address: 0xbededDf2eF49E87037c4fb2cA34d1FF3D3992A11
Migration is LIVE! Follow Twitter or Telegram for up-to-date news.
There is no time limit on the migration, so there is no need to hurry!
If you hold FEG on a CEX platform like Gate, Hotbit, etc., your migration will be automatic, so all is well. Please follow their social media to find out their schedule for the migration.
If you're holding your FEG in your wallet (which is always good to do), the FEG team has created an easy-to-use Migration app where you can swap your old tokens for new ones in a few clicks.
The app can be found on our official dedicated page: https://migrate.fegtoken.com/
The app is self-explanatory, but we prepared a video tutorial and written tutorials with pictures to guide you through the process if needed. The steps are pretty similar for all platforms. You may use for this migration any DeFi wallet that you want. We advise you to connect on Chrome with Wallet Connect for the best results.
If you face issues, contact the FEG team on Telegram at t.me/FEGchat for help. Remember never to respond to DMs, as it's 100% a scam!
How to Migrate Video Tutorial
Migration of FEG held in SmartSwap and FEGex LP will be done later, and it will involve a more manual process. We'll release more info and steps shortly.