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Stage 1 - SDR

Recovery of the first iteration of SmartDeFi from 2022.

Recovery of safeguarded SmartDeFi projects

SDR wasn't the work of just one individual; it was the brainchild of passionate members of our DeFi family. We came together to address the urgent need to recover funds locked in old SmartDeFi projects affected by these exploits. Instead of succumbing to despair, we embarked on a mission to safeguard these locked funds.
Our journey was no walk in the park; following extensive work for over 1.5 years that included replication of the exploit contract, rigorous testing of the contract, integration of a User Interface, and continued testing, FEG DEVs completed a secure method to unlock these funds, seamlessly integrating it into the user-friendly SmartDeFi Recovery Tool (SDR for short), once it conducted a third-party security audit.
Find the SDR tool at https://sdr.fegtoken.com/
To recover your locked funds from old safeguarded SD projects, refer to the comprehensive guides: - SDR for DEVs - SDR for Investors

Essential Considerations for Fund Recovery

It's important to note that the recovered funds won't match the locked amount on a 1-to-1 basis; the reduction can range from 24% to 28%, and maybe more if the amount to be recovered is significant and needs re-recovery (multiple attempts). The recovery process entails a flashloan of 4.5 times the locked balance, incurring fees for the flashloan from PCS, and expenses related to BNB wrapping/unwrapping. As an illustration, recovering 100 fBNB necessitates a 450 BNB flashloan, accompanied by relevant blockchain fees. To read more about the process, visit the SDR Process page.

A complete list of SmartDeFi Projects that qualify for SDR:

Note that this recovery step ONLY refers to the old SmartDeFi projects, which were locked and saved in time. Once funds are gathered for their LP, the other SD projects, which were not locked, will be addressed later.