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FTW - From The Wallet

The info on this page is deprecated; updates will follow

Revolutionizing Trading with Wallet-to-Wallet Limit-Orders

Embrace the future of decentralized token trading with FTW, a groundbreaking platform that empowers direct wallet-to-wallet transactions without compromising security or control. Say goodbye to third-party intermediaries and experience the true essence of peer-to-peer trading.
Direct P2P Trading Without Intermediaries
Users can trade directly from their wallets, ensuring complete control over their assets throughout the transaction process.
No Negative Price Impact
Peer-to-peer bypasses centralized liquidity pools. This ensures that your trades do not negatively affect the asset's price
Cost-effective Transactions
FTW offers significantly lower fees than traditional exchanges, eliminating the need for complex order matching fees
Multiple Networks and Tradable Assets
FTW now supports assets on ETH & BSC.
As the platform expands, it will encompass more blockchains that operate on EVM
NFT Trading
Users can seamlessly trade NFTs directly from their wallets, creating a decentralized and safe NFT marketplace that is P2P
Unparalleled Security
FTW prioritizes security audits, ensuring your trading activities are safeguarded from malicious actors.
Fee Distribution
FTW membership fees are carefully distributed to support the growth and sustainability of the project and ecosystem
Membership vs Per-Transaction Fees
Users can choose between a membership with unlimited trades for a set period or paying fixed fees per transaction.
RFI Tokenomics Friendly
Integration with RFI tokenomics, ensuring that passive income distributions still are automatically facilitated for users
Open trading for everyone
FTW does not involve a third-party intermediary that requires a designated recipient wallet address for P2P
Unleash the potential of decentralized token trading with FTW, a platform that redefines security, efficiency, and user experience. Embark on a journey of seamless, cost-effective, and secure trading with FTW, the future of token trading.