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FTW - From The Wallet

"FTW" is a Limit-Order trading platform that allows users to trade directly from their wallet to another user and vice versa.

Document last updated: Dec. 14th, 2022.

What is FTW?

"From The Wallet" or "FTW" is a Limit-Order trading platform that allows users to trade directly from their wallet to another user and vice versa. This platform is fully Decentralized as the user maintains possession of their Cryptocurrency or NFT throughout the process.
This is the apex of P2P (peer-to-peer) trading in the Cryptocurrency and NFT space, trading in an absolutely secure way without giving control over your assets to another.

Why would a project want to list themselves on FTW?

FTW trades will not cause negative price impact from selling as it is P2P and doesn't touch the Liquidity on DEX's or CEX's

What's the cost?

FTW will offer the option of a per-transaction or subscription (multiple time-frames) fee(s). These fees will be less than traditional trades because it is a "transfer" on the blockchain rather than a buy or sell with multiple routes between the assets! Compare this to 1inch limit orders where you pay 0.3% per trade.

What networks are supported?

Initially, FTW will support assets on Ethereum (ERC-20) and Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20).
The expansion of this trading platform will move to multiple blockchains that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

What can be traded?

Buying & Selling of listed Cryptocurrencies.
Users can buy something with BNB or ETH but can not list their own FTW link offering BNB or ETH for the other asset. This is because there's no approval for native tokens. This means that users simply have to Wrap BNB or ETH in order to ask for a buy with native tokens.
Buying & Selling of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's) -Note: FTW will launch initially with the Cryptocurrency trading function and a second contract for NFT's will be developed. tested, and audited before going live.
Note: All Cryptocurrencies & NFT collections listed for sale will be be searchable and there may be a manual verification process performed by the FEG team for drop down menu & symbol integration.

Can I request whitelisting?

A Voting/Request system will be built so that users may request new projects or NFT collections to be added on the trading list.

Is this system secure?

The contracts for which the FTW Limit-Order trading platform is being built are undergoing thorough testing as well as 3rd party audit prior to the launch of the platform.

How are the fees distributed?

Membership fees will distribute rewards to: - Staking Rewards - Marketing - Project Growth/Sustainability The percentages have yet to be determined as the platform is still under development.

Membership vs. Per Transaction Fee's

Memberships may be renewed every 30 days, this membership can allow users to create any FTW trade (Buy or Sell) for free during the paid month.
If a user has NO membership then they will have to pay a fixed fee for all buys/sells. -Note: TBD amount

How do RFI tokens and token taxes work on FTW?

If the Token has RFI tokenomics the percentage will be sent to users passively
Regular taxes for buying/selling can not be used on FTW because there is no contract intermediary to set a recipient wallet address.