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What is FEG Token?

The new revamped state-of-the-art and secure FEG is the governance token of our fully decentralized ecosystem operating on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC20) plus on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP20), and it was launched from our SmartDeFi token launchpad, which has been fully audited by the blockchain security experts at Peckshield.

FEG Token Contract on ETH & BSC


FEG Token Features

FEG's unique asset-backing feature provides a store of value with a continuously increasing baseline and is backed by ETH or BNB (depending on the blockchain) generated from multiple sources throughout the ecosystem. This asset-backing feature also enables FEG to offer its holders the SmartLending feature, which, in short, means holders can take interest-free loans against their token holdings' asset-backed value.
Holders of FEG tokens can earn passive income by staking FEG; these staking rewards are sourced from specific ecosystem platform fees and trade fees.
The fully audited SmartDeFi Staking Protocol allows FEG stakers to receive rewards from ALL projects that utilize the protocol in their generated from hundreds of various projects, which will be launched via the SmartDeFi Launchpad, vastly increasing income possibilities.
FEG trades with the following > tokenomics, which can be changed in the future, depending on the project's specific needs at any given time.


FEG is currently traded on a multitude of exchanges, such as: CoinW / PancakeSwap / UNISWAP / MEXC / GATE / BitMart / LATOKEN / BKEX / Bitrue / BTOK / BYDFY / StealthEX


FEG ecosystem consists of the following built-in-house platforms, which run on Ethereum and Binance blockchains, though our team plans to expand them to several other EVM-based blockchains:
  1. 1.
    FTW (From The Wallet): non-custodial (P2P) limit-order trading platform that enables direct wallet-to-wallet trades without intermediaries.
  2. 2.
    Aggregator: custom-built aggregator alongside our peer-to-peer trading platform "FTW." This aggregator pulls the lowest market price for token trading on any decentralized exchange (DEX). Note that you will pay the DEX fee, but there are no additional charges for our aggregator currently.
  3. 3.
    SmartDeFi: A fully-audited token launchpad that simplifies the process of minting, presaling, launching, and creating stakeholder protocols for project creators.
  4. 4.
    Grafene: blockchain-based hot wallet fortified with on-chain two-factor authentication (2FA). It employs cutting-edge blockchain security to ensure your crypto assets are safe and secure even if you somehow give away your seed to scammers.

Other Information

Project sites Official website: https://fegtoken.com FEGtrack desktop: https://fegtrack.app FEG Gitbook: https://docs.fegtoken.com
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