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SDscan is a comprehensive tool build by FEG team to expand functional abilities for SD project owners. The SDscan consist of access to multiple smart contracts in the SmartDeFi protocol and allows information inquiry and submission of changes for your specific project.
Sdscan works similar to blockchain explorers with web3 connection and ability to Read contracts and Write to contracts. Everything that is available on Project Dashboards is built with usage of Read and Write commands, so you should be able to manage your project on SDscan.
Read function allows communications with SmartDeFi protocol to enquire information related to your project. This is the place where you can confirm ownership wallets, thresholds for LP and Asset Backing conversions, confirm LP addresses and asset backing addresses and many more. This is available to everyone, so you can direct your investors to this section to confirm addresses and various values related to your project.
Write function allows submitting commands to smart contracts in SmartDefi protocol to implement changes. This is the place where you can change ownership, change thresholds for LP and Asset Backing conversions, set new staking rewards and implement many other changes.
How to use Read function:
How to use Write function: