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SmartDeFi Staking

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SmartDeFi staking is a system that allows holders to stake their tokens and earn passive rewards.
Here are some key points about SmartDeFi staking:
Staking Contract Customization
Owners can customize their staking, like deposit and withdrawal fees, fee allocation, unstake delay, and additional rewards
Automatic Reward Distribution
Rewards are automatically distributed and compounded, which means users don't need to claim or reinvest their earnings manually
Upgradeable Contract
The staking contract is upgradeable for the future without requiring any action from users and SD project owners
Reward Sources
Rewards can come from trading or from owners who can also manually inject other coin rewards (up to 30 separate rewards)
SDSS Token
After staking, users receive SD Stake Shares (SDSS) to represent ownership in the staking pool. For safety SDSS is not transferable
Sacrifice Feature
Users can choose to burn a percentage of their staking rewards when unstaking to help decrease circulating token supply