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How to stake FEG step by step

To start staking, go to FEGex; you can go directly by clicking the links: Stake FEG BSC / Stake FEG ETH

Step 1. Connect your wallet

On the top right of FEGex you will see the "Connect Wallet" button and also next to it you'll find a logo of either BNB or ETH blockchains. Click on the connect button. On the new popup menu pick your desired blockchain and then select your preferred method of connecting, in this example we'll go with Metamask.

Step 2. Stake your FEG

Once you're on FEGex, click on the "Staking" tab there on the left, that will open the new menu you see on the right, where you'll have two new tabs called "Stake" and "Unstake". Click on the "Stake" tab and then simply enter your desired amount of tokens that you'd like to put into staking in order to start receiving passive rewards. Down below you will see a button which will either be called "Approve" or "Stake", If it's "Approve" then click it and perform the approval transaction, then once that's done you will now see the "Stake" button which is the final transaction you need to do in order to actually start your staking, so make sure you accept all the confirmations your wallet app is asking in order to successfully execute these.

Step 3. Check your staked tokens

After transaction confirmation, you will see now see a new menu with details on how much you staked, some info about your rewards and other staking related info.