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About SmartDeFi

Unleash the Power of SmartDeFi Tokens

SmartDeFi tokens are next-gen tokens created using the Token Launchpad built by the FEG Team spearheaded by lead developer FEGrox and fully audited by the renowned blockchain security experts at Peckshield.
Bringing all this to you was a massive undertaking that spanned several years, involved thousands of work hours and over a million dollars invested in development over time.
SmartDeFi, SD for short, allows any average user to create on the fly what is arguably the most advanced crypto token available to the public at this time, on either BNB Smart Chain or on Ethereum, with plans to expand to other blockchains in the near future.
This technology is made available through the SmartDeFi Token Launchpad - FREE of charge.

Features of your next-generation crypto project

At the heart of SmartDeFi tokens lies a comprehensive suite of features, some of which are:
Advanced Tokenless Presale Fundraising
Innovative fundraising attracting investors with the safety this provides for their funds
Staking Protocol
Reward loyal holders by maximizing the passive potential earnings for your token
Asset-Backed Value
Enjoy an ever-rising baseline value due to a robust asset-backing mechanism
Interest-Free Loans
Extendable interest-free loans lets holders use the loaned funds for more investments
Editable Tokenomics Before/After Launch
Customize taxes and pick RFI or non-RFI to respond to market and community feedback
Dual Liquidity Pools for Arbitrage
Enhance liquidity depth, variety and optimize token's value with arbitrage between pools
Vested LP & Optional Liquidity Locker
Prevent volatility & dumping with scheduled LP vesting or lock LP in contract for security
Front-Run Loss Protection
Shield investors from front-running attacks, ensuring the integrity of your project
Deep Customization via SDscan
SDscan allows customization of your token's behaviour in intricate detail after launch
Integration with FEGtrack App
Integration with FEGtrack app for real-time token insights and overall ecosystem health


Please keep reading any of our Gitbook pages and guides to learn more about this great system and launchpad and if if you have any questions about it join the official Telegram chat: