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FEG Staking

FEG Staking is currently LIVE!

Unparalleled Passive Income Possibilities

FEG Staking is a protocol that allows FEG token holders to stake their tokens and earn rewards from the entire FEG ecosystem. It's a simple concept with the potential for significant gains over time.

Features of staking contract

Zero fees
No deposit or withdrawal fees for staking your FEG
No lock-in periods
FEG allows you to stake and unstake at anytime
Automatic compounding
Your rewards get auto distributed & compounded
The contract requires no action from users when staking contract gets upgraded

Staking rewards sources

One of the standout features of SmartDeFi Staking Protocol for FEG is that stakers can reap the rewards from FEG and ALL projects utilizing the SmartDeFi staking protocol. This unique advantage opens doors to diverse income streams, generating rewards from many projects launched via the SmartDeFi Launchpad. Currently, FEG rewards are only derived from FEG's on-chain trading activities, as the ecosystem is not entirely online; its components will launch in stages in the coming months.
  • FEG Tokens: Generated through FEG Tokenomics Taxes - LIVE
  • wBNB/wETH: Collected from FTW & Aggregator fees - Pending
  • SmartDeFi tokens: Earned from all projects that use SmartDeFi's staking protocol - Pending
  • Various Tokens: tokens from projects that allocate a specific supply for staking - Pending

What is FSS

After staking, your FEG tokens will be deposited into the staking contract, and in return, you will get something called FEG SD Stake Shares (FSS). These shares represent your ownership in the staking pool. Think of FSS as a receipt from the system to confirm you have staked successfully. You will need to show this receipt to the system for it to let you unstake.
  • FSS is not a 1:1 ratio
  • FSS updates with each earned FEG
  • Total FSS / Total SD = Ratio
  • It is impossible to transfer FSS to another wallet
📃 ETH FEG SD Stake: 0x06fdbEEc1420B42B8A4ef74a09548484eA87d650 📃 BSC FEG SD Stake: 0x938eE3387f31eF7160a83286dFD4C3b317B56351

Non-FEG Rewards

Non-FEG rewards refer to wBNB/wETH rewards from FTW/Aggregator and various SD tokens from every single SmartDeFi project that will launch and activate their staking system. You could end up with tokens from hundreds or thousands of different SmartDeFi projects, whose value could very well skyrocket in the coming years, depending on their popularity.
Rewards distribution Non-FEG rewards are doled out in rounds and subject to a certain accumulation threshold. Developers can modify the accumulation threshold for rewards, and may differ for each type of reward. For example, if 1 wBNB is the threshold, rewards disburse when the reward pool accumulates 1 wBNB.
Claiming triggers Non-FEG rewards can be claimed in three ways: - Staking and Unstaking any amount of FEG - Using the "Claim Reward" option - Using the "Claim All" option
Unstaking or adding to staking within the first 30 days after your initial staking will result in a 50% loss of your non-FEG rewards. Said forfeited rewards will be then distributed among other stakeholders.

Optional FEG "Sacrifice"

The sacrifice feature was introduced in the new Staking contract per community request for those who wish to help with the burn efforts and decrease the circulating token supply.
Stakers can choose to voluntarily burn a specified percentage of their staked FEG when unstaking, thus essentially permanently removing these tokens from the circulating supply.
The percentage you set for sacrifice will apply to the exact amount of FEG tokens you choose to unstake at that moment. To activate this, you must specify the percentage to sacrifice and the amount to unstake.
At any point before unstaking, you can turn off the sacrifice by setting it to 0% in the Sacrifice settings.

Platform Expansion

  • Initial Platforms: Initially available on Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain.
  • Expansion Plans: The team plans to expand the sources of income for FEG stakers to receive rewards coming from more blockchains