FEG Token

FEG Staking

Document last updated: September 15th, 2023.
The FEG staking protocol enables those holding FEG tokens to stake them and receive endless rewards sourced from the FEG ecosystem.
Designed to offer limitless earnings, the contract is also upgradeable, requiring no action from users like unstaking or moving to a new contract.
Detailed information on current and future reward structures, tied to the project's ongoing product releases, is available here.

FEG Rewards

At present, FEG rewards are derived from the on-chain trading activities of FEG tokens (Buy & Sell Transactions).
These rewards are both automatically distributed and compounded, eliminating the need for users to manually claim and reinvest their earnings. To access your accrued rewards, you'll need to unstake the equivalent amount.
No deposit or withdrawal fees are associated with staking your FEG tokens, although users are responsible for their own gas fees in either BNB or ETH.
Staking your FEG tokens comes with the flexibility of No lock-in period, allowing you to stake and unstake at your convenience.
However, it's worth noting that the staking protocol may be temporarily halted for maintenance or upgrades, as announced. During such pauses, FEG rewards will continue to accrue.
After staking your FEG tokens will be deposited to staking contract and in return you will get FEG SD Stake Shares (FSS).
FSS: FEG Stake Share
  • FSS is not a 1:1 ratio
  • FSS indicates your share of the Staking Pool
  • FSS updates with each earned FEG
  • Total FSS / Total SD = Ratio
  • it is impossible to transfer FSS to another wallet.
📃 ETH FEG SD Stake: 0x06fdbEEc1420B42B8A4ef74a09548484eA87d650
📃 BSC FEG SD Stake: 0x938eE3387f31eF7160a83286dFD4C3b317B56351

Optional FEG Token "Sacrifice"

Stakers have the choice to dedicate a specified percentage of their staked FEG to the burn address, effectively removing these tokens from the circulating supply.
The percentage you set for sacrifice will apply to the exact amount of FEG tokens you choose to unstake at that moment, whether they are your rewards or your original staked amount. To activate this, you'll need to specify both the percentage to sacrifice and the amount to unstake.
  • Disabling Sacrifice: At any point before unstaking, you can choose to disable the sacrifice feature by setting it to 0% in the Sacrifice settings.
    • You've staked 1M FEG and earned 100,000 more as rewards, making it 1,100,000 (1.1M) FEG in total.
    • To sacrifice 10% of your 100,000 FEG rewards, follow these steps:
      1. 1.
        Set the sacrifice percentage to 10%.
        1. 1.
          Unstake the 100,000 FEG rewards, which will automatically sacrifice 10,000 FEG and leave you with 90,000 FEG.
        2. 2.
          Change the sacrifice setting back to 0%.
        3. 3.
          Unstake your original 1M FEG.
          1. 1.
            Total Unstaked after Sacrifice = 1,090,000 FEG Tokens.

Non-FEG Rewards

Staking or Unstaking any number of FEG will auto-claim all non-FEG rewards as well.
Caution: Unstaking (or adding to staking) within the first 30 days after your initial staking could result in a loss of 50% of your non-FEG rewards. If you choose to unstake before this 30-day period, half of your non-FEG rewards will be forfeited and distributed among other stakers.
  • The 30-day rule is specific to non-FEG rewards: Claiming these within the first 30 days post-initial staking results in forfeiting 50% of the rewards, which are then redistributed among other stakers.
  • Claiming triggers: Non-FEG rewards can be claimed in three ways:
    • a) Staking and Unstaking any amount of FEG.
    • b) Using the "Claim Reward" option.
    • c) Using the "Claim All" option.
  • To avoid a 50% loss on your accumulated non-FEG rewards, it's advised to wait for at least 31 days before claiming or unstaking.
  • Distribution Details: Non-FEG rewards are doled out in rounds and subject to a certain accumulation threshold (e.g., if 1 wBNB is the threshold, rewards will disburse when the reward pool accumulates 1 wBNB).
  • Developer Control: The accumulation threshold for rewards can be modified by developers and may differ for each type of reward.
  • Current Status: As of now, non-FEG rewards are not yet active but will be implemented in the future (TBA).