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FEG Tokenomics

#1 - Supply info

Maximum Supply

The entire supply of FEG is 100 Billion for FEGbsc (BEP20) and 100 Billion for FEGeth (ERC20).

Burned tokens

50 Billion tokens (50% of the supply) were burnt at launch for both ETH and BNB sides. After that, more tokens were burned manually and will continue to be burned. As such, if you wish to see the number of burned tokens in real-time, you will need to check the blockchain and look at the top holder address from the list, called "Null: 0x00...dEaD" : - FEG burned on ETH in real-time - FEG burned on BNB in real-time

Circulating Supply

The starting circulating supply number was 50 billion for each network. However, that number will decrease because FEG keeps getting burned, meaning the circulating supply will shrink. Head to the links above, see how many FEG tokens are burned, and then figure out how much is left in circulation: 100 billion - burned tokens = circulating tokens.

#2 - Tokenomics info

Taxes list

Tax type
BUY 3%
SELL 7.5%
Asset Backing
Marketing & Development
Liquidity injection
Wallet transfer tax

Tokenomics Overview

FEG incorporates tokenomics designed to align with the project's current growth objectives and propel it forward during the next crypto bull market by ensuring the project will have the necessary funds in its liquidity pool and marketing wallets to make it a household name and leading DeFi project.
The tokenomics structure is as follows:
  1. 1.
    Staking Rewards:
    • 1% of buys and 2% of sells are allocated to the staking pool as rewards for token holders who stake their tokens. This feature supports the project's focus on passive income.
  2. 2.
    Asset-Backed Liquidity:
    • 0.5% of buys and 1% of sells contribute to an asset-backed liquidity pool. The asset-backing pool continuously grows in the form of the asset used to back the Token; this allows token holders to either burn their Token for the backing amount or take an interest-free loan against their holdings.
  3. 3.
    Marketing and Development Budget:. It becomes
    • The marketing and development budget allocates 0.5% of buys and 2% of sales. These funds are used to promote the project and support development. This ensures and maintains the project's ecosystem infrastructure (servers, Web3 infrastructure, etc.).
  4. 4.
    Liquidity Pool Expansion:
    • 1% of buys and 2.5% of sales contribute to expanding the project's liquidity pool. This ensures greater stability in the Token's price impact, especially during significant buying, selling, and activity periods.
Tax-Free Wallet Transfers:
  • Transfers between wallets do not incur any taxes. Users can freely move tokens between their wallets without any losses.