FEG Token
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How To Buy FEG

Diverse Avenues to Trade FEG

Embrace the flexibility of trading FEG on a variety of platforms catering to all preferences: - FEGex: Buy FEGbsc / Buy FEGeth - Decentralized Exchanges: Pancakeswap (FEGbsc) or Uniswap (FEGeth) - Centralized Exchanges: CoinW, Gate, Mexc, BitMart, BTOK, StealthEx, LAtoken & BYDFi. - Fiat / Crypto Bridge: Pending
To trade on centralized exchanges, be aware that you'll need to make an account on said exchanges and follow specific KYC procedures

Guides to buy FEG

To trade on decentralized exchanges like FEGex, Pancakeswap, or Uniswap, you must set up a crypto wallet. If you don't know how to set up a wallet and what to do from that point, read our guides: