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Migrate on SafePal (Mobile)

This is the official guide for the Migration of FEG token to the new SmartDeFi version of FEG token with updated tokenomics and security.
In your SafePal mobile app, click the "Dapps" browser button in the middle at the bottom. At the top of the app, copy/paste the migration app link in the URL search bar: Migrate.FEGtoken.com.
Use the "Connect Wallet" button for a network selection menu. Choose the blockchain your FEG is on; FEGeth & FEGbsc will be done individually; if you have both, you will do this process once for each. Click on "Select Wallet" and then on "Agree" to finish connecting to the Migrator app.
At this point, you are correctly connected to the Migration app; the app is reading and displaying your FEG token holdings and look similar to the following image:
The button labeled "1" will display the connected wallet address. The round logo on the right of the wallet address will display the blockchain symbol you are connected to (Click this logo to switch the network or disconnect from this app).
On the left, FEG token amounts in various locations will be displayed.
On the right, the conversion rate for the newly migrated token will be displayed for each holding area with a sum for all locations at the bottom. - Note: The UI is rounding the numbers; when you migrate, the appropriate token amount will be received. The migration ratio is "1,000,000:1".
For the migration tool to exchange the old version of FEG for the new, you must "Approve" access for each area of holdings you possess.
To approve, click the appropriate approval button(s) and click "Confirm" in your wallet.
Once the approval transaction is executed, the "Approval" button will disappear to let you know it has been completed. When you have finished approving everything, and none of the "Approval" buttons are no longer showing, you are ready for the final step of migration. - Note: Each Approved transaction needs BNB or ETH for the network gas fees.
When you are ready to proceed, click the "Complete Migration" button, click "Confirm" in your wallet, and wait for the transaction to execute.
That's it! You have Migrated your old version of FEG to the new and improved SmartDeFi version; you will find the new tokens inside your wallet.