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Embark on a DeFi Revolution

The FEG ecosystem comprises several in-house platforms running on BSC & ETH blockchains and the backbone and native currency of this impressive DeFi ecosystem is the FEG token, which is now based on the new and improved SmartDeFi tech.
As the ecosystem expands, FEG's value is set to grow exponentially, rewarding both old and new holders who will receive passive income not only from FEG's own trading but also from all the hundreds of future SmartDeFi projects, which in short means it will be an interesting future for FEG.

Launch your own crypto project for free

At the heart of the ecosystem is FEGex which, among other features like trading and charting, offers you the main product of our ecosystem, the fully-audited SmartDeFi Token Launchpad which gives you the possibility to mint, customize, launch and manage your own crypto project, all for free, enabling aspiring creators to bring their ideas to life in a few clicks with zero coding knowledge needed.
The tokens you will create with our SmartDeFi Token Launchpad will be the most advanced and customizable tokens that you can currently find in DeFi space and they include full native support for features such as asset backing, staking, loans, RFI and non-RFI mechanics and much more.
As if that was not enough, we also provide for you a fully featured secure presale platform which allows project creators to gather the needed liquidity from investors all over the world, again for free.
The SmartDeFi Token Launchpad is currently in Public BETA testing phase. If you wish to test how to launch your own project join our SmartDeFi Telegram !

The Ecosystem

Shaping the Future of DeFi

The FEG ecosystem is poised to transform the DeFi landscape, empowering users to seamlessly manage their finances, launch innovative projects, trade with unparalleled security, and benefit from the growth and success of the entire ecosystem. Together, we can reshape the future of finance, one decentralized innovation at a time.

Expansion Plans

The FEG ecosystem will not be confined to just two blockchains; it's a global phenomenon, with plans to expand its reach to multiple EVM-based blockchains. This ambitious expansion will bring FEG's power to a broader audience, ensuring steady and constant growth for the ecosystem and its users.

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Other Information

Main website: https://fegtoken.com Custom Charting/Trading site: https://fegex.com/ Gitbook: https://docs.fegtoken.com Live Support: https://livesupport.fegtoken.com​
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