FEG Token

FEGtrack Interface

Document last updated: Dec. 13th, 2022.

1. You can switch between old theme and new theme

If you click the Old theme at the bottom of the application, you will be able to switch two themes.

2. Menu moved to the bottom

Here at the bottom of the app you can find direct links to vote on Coinmarketcap and Coingeco. Below you can find direct links to buy FEGtoken from platforms such as Uniswap, PancakeSwap or with fiat. Lower down the page you will find links to the various social media maintained by the FEGtoken project. Lastly, you will find the app version which you currently have installed.

3. Add your wallet

FEGtrack is safe, it does NOT connect to your wallet, it is simply reading holdings info from your public wallet address, which is 0x....
Public wallet addresses can be seen by anyone on the blockchain. -Click the + sign and copy/paste the public address of your wallet in the "wallet address" field. -Then you will name your wallet. -This name will appear at top of the app once saved. You can also add your wallet's address by scanning the QR code from inside your wallet. Once done click Save Wallet button to save your wallet inside FEGtrack.

4. Change the network

Near the top on the right you have network icon which allow you to change your wallet between the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain networks. Be sure to pick the correct network for the FEG tokens that you own, otherwise your balance may indicate zero, don't panic if it does, simply change the network.

5. Change between balances

Clicking repeatedly on the "Total balance" button will toggle your dashboard and show you the various balances you hold The button's text and dashboard statistics will change as follows: 1. Total / 2. Wallet / 3. Stake v2 / 4. Stake v1

6. Market data

If you scroll down you will find the "market data" section where you will be presented with several statistics such as market cap, volume, price, amounts burned, and circulating. If you press on sections 2, 3, 4, and 6, they will switch the display to show more data (for example, FEG burned will switch to FEG Circulating %). Try it out!

7. Transactions

Further down in the application you will be met with the "transactions" section, where you will see a horizontally scrollable live list of the most recent buy and sell FEGtoken transactions. If you press on "Transactions" it will switch to "My transactions". It might take a while to load up and will display your transactions with FEG token. It will not display transfers, only buys and sells.

8. You can change font size

If you press the FEGtrack logo at the top for a few seconds, the app will switch to a larger font for those who have smaller screens. You can switch back to default font size by pressing the logo again.

9. You can hide your balance

If you click on the left icon that looks like an eye you can hide your balance. Market data and transactions will be still displayed.