FEG Token

Guide for "Read Contract" function

This function is meant for INVESTORS / VISITORS
The "Read Contract" function allows anyone in the world to quickly check various details about the tokens currently locked in this contract, that way any and all investors or interested parties can personally check to see if all is in order, and the information from the contract is actually the same with the information provided by the developer of a certain project.

1. availableReflection

This shows you at a glance how many tokens are currently stored in the contract in the form of reflections, so whatever number shows here, this is the number of tokens currently unlocked which can be transferred out of the contract by the owner's wallet address, or by another wallet address which has been whitelisted

2. currentActiveAddress

Here you can see the address of the tokens which are currently locked in this contract. By default this will show the 0000 burn address, however this needs to be manually set by the creator of this contract to the address of the token he wishes to lock inside the contract. In this example we locked FEG token, as such FEG's address now appears here in the image.

3. isClaimer

You can use this option to check if a certain wallet address is whitelisted and allowed to withdraw the reflections from inside the wallet, or allowed to make various changes to the settings using the "write contract" option. Input the address you wish to check, then click "Query" and if the address is whitelisted the bool result will say "true". In this example it says "false" so the address is not allowed to withdraw reflections or make changes of any kind to the contract.

4. lockedToken

Using this option anyone can check to see the exact number of tokens locked inside the contract. To find out this information all you need to do is input the address of the locked token and click the "Query" button, then the result will be displayed below. To read the result easier, always delete the last 9 numbers from the string, so in our example here if you delete those last 9 numbers you're left with 19600, which means currently in this contract there are 19.6k FEG tokens locked.

5. remainingTime

Any investor can come to this option here and quickly see how long the timer is for the locked tokens inside this contract, that way they can rest asured that the owner of this contract can not take out the tokens and dump the supply on the market. This tells you the timer's length in SECONDS, so to know how long the tokens are locked for you either need to do some mental gymnastics with math, or just copy/paste this number into an online converter to tell you how many days are left on the locking timer. In this example, 31396470 seconds converted to days means 363 days, so this tells you that no one, not even the owner of the contract can remove the locked tokens from the contract for almost another year.