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SmartDeFi Deployer

Document last updated: March 21st, 2023.

How much does it cost to launch a SmartDeFi token?

Minting (creating) a SmartDeFi token on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) varies based on the blockchain fees (average is between 10 - 20 USD), while the Ethereum Network averages between 500 - 1,000 USD. Make sure the wallet used for minting the token has an adequate amount of BNB or ETH based on the blockchain. https://bscscan.com/gastracker can be used to track the GWEI for the Binance Smart Chain. https://etherscan.io/gastracker can be used to track the GWEI for the Ethereum Network. Hosting a presale can cost about the same as minting (creating) a token but will allow users to buy the token at a set price and allow for a build-up of liquidity for a more stable launch. If the project creator for a SmartDeFi token has the liquidity to back the token they are creating, the presale cost will be saved, but the liquidity will have to come out of their pocket.

Can a SmartDeFi token be listed on both Centralized Exchanges (CEX) and Decentralized Exchanges (DEX)?

Yes, SmartDeFi tokens can be listed on any Centralized or Decentralized Exchange.
The SmartDeFi developers are not responsible for any issues or problems associated with trying to list SmartDeFi tokens on Centralized exchanges, as each token must meet technical and community standards by CEX.

Will SmartDeFi tokens be able to appear on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko?

Yes, each token is responsible for its application and fees for listing on these platforms, but they are fully compatible.

Can I use symbols while creating my SD token?

No, the contracts in SmartDeFi are not built to hold symbols, please use letters or numbers only.

Can BUY taxes be different from SELL taxes?

Yes, during the tokenomics selection of the token creation process, the tokenomics are adjustable.

What to use for liquidity pairing?

SmartDeFi tokens can use ANY token to pair against The token chosen to pair against will also be the token that is used for the Asset-Backing. Not Financial Advice: Pairing against native chain tokens such as ETH and BNB is common, but the choice to pair against stable coins is also wise for asset-backing purposes.

How much liquidity must be locked?

There is NO minimum liquidity requirement for locking; however,
If there is no locking period on a SmartDeFi token at launch, the team cannot allocate a DEV (team) share of the circulating supply or a DEV (team) transaction tax percentage.

How long is liquidity locked?

SmartDeFi tokens have no minimum locking amount nor a minimum time frame for locking. Liquidity is done in days so you can extend the lock period by the number of days. Users/investors can see if the project is locked and the number of days of the lock.

Locking LP within the Contract

When a project has its LP tokens within the contract at deployment
You can decide to move them or lock them within the contract they may decide to lock with SD; the project creator can burn a specific percentage of LP (burning the token itself, leaving the asset that is paired to the token to increase against the remaining tokens INCREASING THE PRICE OF THE TOKENS). The limitations are that you can only burn 10% of what is locked inside the contract at a time (e.g., 100 tokens, burn 10...2nd attempt, you have 90 tokens remaining and burn nine tokens) and only do this once a week (this is to protect investors from creating the tokens being too high in price and draining the liquidity). TBD: We may build a smart contract for the locks if DEXtools, TokenSniffer, etc., will cooperate with us.
Users may send the tokens to the LP, get an LP token, and send the LP tokens to the contract for locking, and the different LP tokens will all lock under the same locking period. -Token/BUSD -Token/BNB
If there is no locking period on a SmartDeFi token at launch, the team cannot allocate a DEV (team) share of the circulating supply or a DEV (team) transaction tax percentage.

Can I add liquidity or add to asset backing after the launch?

Yes, more information on the steps will come when the contract is live.

Where can I access SmartDeFi Deployer?

The link to Deployer will be shared when live.