FEG Token
Migration to SmartDeFi
Step by Step guide how to migrate non-SD tokens to SmartDeFi

This guide is deprecated

Please wait until a new guide is made for the new SmartDeFi v2

Note: Before initiating migration, please make sure you understand the process well and inform your investors ahead of time. Tokenomics and a contract`s settings in non-SD contract will not duplicate in the SD version.


Step 1. Activate the "token migration" option and insert a token`s address

Activate the toggle there on the right and then a new option field will appear called "Token". Copy/paste in that field the contract address of the token you wish to migrate to SmartDeFi. Once done, the system will auto-populate the "Token Symbol" and "Total Supply" fields with existing data about your token.

Step 2. Pick the new SmartDeFi tax/fees options

After you have added your contract address you are now free to pick whatever percentages you want for the fees associated with the new SmartDeFi system. Once done, you can click on the "Create smartdefi token" button and confirm the transaction dialog you get from your wallet, asking for permission to spend about 0.025 BNB from your wallet in order to execute the token's migration to SmartDeFi.

Step 3. Give permission to SmartDeFi system to migrate

Now the page will refresh a new set of buttons will appear, once of which is "Approve SD to migrate my tokens". This button is pretty self-explanatory, click this button in order give permission to the SmartDeFi system to migrate your current old-generation tokens to the next-generation SD system. Again, confirm the gas transaction in your wallet. It may take a few minutes for your newly migrated SmartDeFi token to show up in the search list for SD tokens here in the deployer.

Step 4. Start migrating your tokens

The button will now refresh and it will show "Migrate my tokens". First input the number of tokens that you have and that you'd like to migrate and then click the "migrate" button.
At this point, anyone can search for and find your SD token in the list of tokens here in the deployer. So they can also come and deposit their token amount that they hold in their own wallets and click "Migrate my tokens".
A normal investor, who searches for the token in the deployer list, will NOT see the second button called "end token migration", that option is only available to the original creator/wallet who initiated the migration process.
Ensure the majority of tokens are deposited into the Migration contract. Tokens that were not deposited will be burned in the new version of the SD token.

Step 5. End the migration

Once everyone has deposited their old tokens you can end the token migration process and are now ready to start adding Liquidity for the pair to trade

Step 6. Adding Liquidity

Once your token migration is complete you can choose whether to add liquidity for the pair yourself, or if you'd like to start a public presale in order to gather liquidity using the power and funds of your own community. if you'd like to add your own liquidity, first click, one at a time, the "approve fBNB" button and then "approve your-token-name" button and confirm the gas fees dialog for each. Once that's done the two "approve" buttons will be replaced by one button called "deploy swap". Now you can input the token amounts which you'd like to add as liquidity for both your token and fBNB/fETH and click the "deploy swap" button to finish.